Friday, 17 August 2007

Lee-teuk in hot water

The leader of boyband Super Junior is in hot water. The apology from him was not enough for lying on a variety program.

During his July 30 appearance on M.NET's School of Rock, the 24-year-old lied that famous Korean figure skater Kim Yeon-ah denied his Cyworld invitation (something like Facebook, the addictive social networking tool. Koreans usually use Cyworld).

Lee-teuk should also apologise for appearing in
this hideous shocking PINK ensemble!

The fib resulted in a bombardment of hateful comments at Yeon-ah's Cyworld. Shame on you Lee-teuk! All this when you are the leader of a mega-group!

The latest news from Sina is that further action will be taken on the singer. His apology and lame attempt to explain why he lied just didn't cut it.

On Aug 9, the Performing Arts Entertainment Committee had an internal discussion and decided that the young man will have to apologise to the audience and discussions for his punishment is underway. The committee will reach its final decision on Aug 28.

See friends, it doesn't pay to lie. So don’t let me catch you telling one. ;-)

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Orchid said...

Poor Lee-teuk. Maybe it wasn't his intention to dupe everyone but the fib just came out. He led everyone to believe that the Korean figure skater did not accept his Cyworld invite when she actually did? Maybe he likes her but is shy about it. Y'know guys are like that...they deny it because they really like the girl. Maybe he was shy to admit that he invited her in the first place.


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