Friday, 17 August 2007

Se7en spotted at New York club

Hallyu star Se7en was recently spotted at Hiro Ballroom in New York City!

The 23-year-old was sporting a new haircut and had some stubble action going on. Nice. Looking very matured, dude.

A few lucky chickadees managed to pose - some rather saucily too - with the dreamboat.

The La la la singer is working on his English album in the States. It is scheduled for release end of the year.


Orchid said...

Gosh is that Se7en in those pics? I could hardly recognize him. I don't think he looks that nice in those photos. Maybe it was one of his bad days.

Anonymous said...

lucky girls!!!

Caryn said...

eh~~ very good looking :]

Orchid899 said...

I miss his hair. Nothing to run my fingers through now.


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