Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Make me a Korean star!

We all knew that South Korea’s big on cosmetic surgery, but did we realize how big? I didn’t, until I read Bloomberg's article.

Each year South Korea receives an influx of foreigners from Asia seeking a makeover vacation. They arrive, ethnic features in tact, and return home looking like Korean movie stars. Beautiful entertainers like Chae Rim and Lee Young Ae are partly the cause for the growing wave of tourists making South Korea their destination for cosmetic surgery. “I want the job done Korean-style,” one patron says, “The skin of Korean stars look amazingly soft. They’ve probably had cosmetic operations, but their looks are so natural.”

The head of the Health Ministry’s overseas promotion project, Park Jong Eok, expects approximately 13,000 medical tourists this year. South Korea’s cosmetic industry standards are comparative to that of Japan and the U.S. and their services cost less than Thailand.

Now Chinese doctors are following patients to South Korea for training in Korean-style cosmetic technology. Mai Hui, a surgeon from China’s Guangxi Province who is completing her training in Korea says, “Korean surgeons have mastered the natural touch. There’s a Korean-style… that puts an emphasis on natural curves.”

What I’d like to know is what would those cosmetic tourists say to their kids when asked, “Mommy, am I adopted? I look ugly, not like you or daddy.”

Read Bloomberg article here.

Kim A-joong a natural beauty?

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Liz said...

I really enjoyed reading this article, Rooster!

Yeah, that question at the end is exactly what I have been thinking.

The kids would have some sort of insecurity complex since Mommy is so gorgeous and Daddy so handsome.

Cool stuff.

rooster said...

Ya, I suppose Gattaca is not the future of mankind.

Orchid said...


I read an article in The Star that they wanted to make Penang (Pulau Pinang) a haven for tourist who wants to have plastic surgery done.

They want to attract tourists that way. Make it cheap for them to have a vacation & at the same time go thru some kind of transformation as a gift before going home.

So maybe, they need to send the plastic surgeons in Penang to South Korea for training. Then they can advertise "Job done Korean-style in Penang". :-)


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