Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Margaret Cho (조모란)

Well, I did say that when an Asian stand-up comedian “takes the mic, I’m right there cheering them on!” And so here I am cheering on Margaret Cho even if she fails to strike my funny bone.

Margaret Cho, self-proclaimed fag-hag, is a Korean-American comedian and actress. Born on December 5th, 1968 to parents Young-Hie and Cho Seung-Hoon, Margaret grew up in culturally diverse San Francisco.

Cho began her career in stand-up at 16 frequently performing at the comedy club, The Rose & Thistle, above her parents bookstore. She took part in a comedy contest and won first prize - to open a show for Jerry Seinfeld. Given this kickstart, Cho packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles.

Cho became a national celebrity in her 20s. Her work has always been provocative, promoting the feminist cause and gender equality, vocal about gay rights issues and strong left-wing political views. Throughout her career she has performed many successful shows such as the off Broadway one woman show titled I’m The One I Want in 1999, Notorious C.H.O in 2001, and her State Of Emergency tour in 2004. In 2007 she was awarded the Best Comedy Performance award at the Asian Excellence Awards.

Visit Youtube for more videos as this is the only
PG rated material I was able to find of her work.

Margaret Cho maintains a blog where she expresses her views on all topics, political or popular. Check out her blog here or visit her official website to get to know more about this one woman powerhouse.

Name: Margaret Cho or Cho Moran
(조모란). (Changed to Margaret as kids in school started calling her 'moron'.
Date of Birth: 5 December 1968
Official Website: http://www.margaretcho.com


Liz said...

Ahhhh, quick, somebody tell her! She has a dead spider hanging from her left eye!!!

Liz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, I just watched the vid. She's funny!!!

"We don't have any nuclear weapons."

Go Margaret, go.

rooster said...

Haha, yea, but sometimes she can get quite raunchy.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the vid...
She's funny.
Margaret Cho is a great comedian and actress.


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