Tuesday, 28 August 2007

What's Kwon Sang-woo up to in Bali?

Hunky star Kwon Sang-woo left Korea for Bali yesterday (Aug 27) and will be in Indonesia until Sept 1.

Mr. Kwon, I know you are molten lava hot and
all that, but this shirt and tie combo, right here?
It ain't doing you any favours. No, no, the pic wasn't taken in Bali.

Apart from officiating the re-naming of Ocean Blue Hotel to Ocean Blue Hotel K.S.W., the 31-year-old dreamboat will also be shooting a new commercial for the hotel.

The agreement to include Mr. Kwon's name to the chain of hotels was signed in June 2007.

A private pool at one of the luxurious villas

After his vacation-cum-work stay in Bali, the Stairway to Heaven star will return to Korea to complete filming Destiny.


Orchid said...

Love the caption for the first pic Liz. Hilarious!

Liz...get photos of Kwon Sang-woo in Bali please....where are the photos! Photos! We want photos!

rooster said...

whao, i guess someone thought tv fuzz would make a great shirt design.

Orchid said...

Maybe the shirt alone is acceptable. But the shirt AND tie! Aiyo...

Jenny said...

Find his photos in Flickr and the hotel's new website is www.oceanbluehotelbali.com

Liz said...

Whoa cool, Jenny. Thanks! Who's that chickadee prancing around with Oppa? Some girls have all the luck.

Orchid said...

Jenny, thanks for the new link & photos! Checked out the prices at the Ocean Blue hotel - well it's unaffordable :-(


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