Sunday, 26 August 2007

Pucca on TV3

What’s popping:

Cuteness, that’s what! Pucca is a part of Malaysia’s Sunday morning cartoon run! (Thanks TLS for telling me about it *muaks*).

Join Pucca, Garu, Abyo and Ching in their adventures in Sooga Village. The funny thing is, Pucca and Garu only rely on body language to convey their thoughts; they have no dialogue, just cute sounds coming from them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the villagers – including their friends karate kid Abyo and syrupy sweet Ching – have dialogues.

There are three 7-minute segments during the half-hour show and the ones I caught this morning was:

Them Bones
It’s Halloween and Garu’s skeleton has left his body, leaving him a limp “rag” Pucca drags around as she and their friends try to track Garu’s skeleton down. Yes, Pucca still takes the opportunity to steal kisses from Garu in his boneless condition. ;-)

Ghost of a Kiss
Pucca buys an old photo of a couple that uncannily looks like Garu and her. She gives it to Garu as a present without knowing that the pic is haunted. The ghost of the lady in the pic loves bothering Garu for kisses! Oh boy, wait till Pucca finds out! Meanwhile, Abyo tries to help Garu exorcise the ghost.

The usual Ching
Goody-two-shoes Ching shows her bad side when a sock from a nasty, evil lady gets mixed up in her laundry. The sock influences her to wreck havoc in the village but Pucca gets blamed for all the wrongdoings.

The plot:

Pucca, the sweet daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner, is obsessed with aspiring ninja Garu. She constantly chases Garu around Sooga Village to steal kisses from him…and nothing’s going to stop her!

Watch it:

  • TV3 (free TV)
  • 10.30am to 11am
  • Every Sunday
  • English

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    Orchid said...

    Goodness the cartoon sounds REALLY cute!


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