Saturday, 4 August 2007

Rain goofing off in Berlin

Any bona fide Rain fan would know that he is currently in Berlin filming his debut Hollywood flick Speed Racer (2008). He has been keeping a very low profile there. Like any fan, i was really wondering what he's up to.

Well, finally, the man himself released a couple of photos (just for his fans...awww so sweet) of himself during a week-end break.

Rain in over-sized sun-glasses and hat striking a pose for his fans

Check out what is says on his shirt!

Along with those photos, Rain also left a message to his fans (in Korean). If anyone can translate the below, please help. Thank you!

여러분의 성원으로
열심히 영화에 임하고 있으며
건강히 잘 지내고 있다고 하시네요.
우리 팬분들이 비를 보고싶은 마음 너무나 잘 알기에
멋진 사진으로 답을 대신 하는 듯합니다.
오늘은 너무나 행복한 Rain Smile ^_______^



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