Monday, 13 August 2007

Rain on instant noodle packets

One fine day, a friend of mine (you know who you are) gave me a pleasant surprise by giving me a packet of instant noodles...imported all the way from Thailand! Well, the reason was because Kpop singer Rain - wearing his I'm Coming military gear and over-sized sunglasses is on the packet of instant noodles.

t was an advert for Rain's Coming 06/07 Rain World Tour in Bangkok June 23, 2007, Impact Arena. It also says Rain World Tour Mama World Taste. Everything else is in Thai.

First Rain's pic is on aeroplanes (Korea Air) and buses, then now we discover he is on instant noodle packets too! :-)

What next?


Tan said...

Hey... this looks familiar. I just had one on Sunday. It was bought by my mom-in-law when she went to Thailand last month.

Liz said...

Is the instant noodles any good, tan?

I haven't open mine.

Orchid said...

Yeah have not eaten mine either.

Tan said...

Err... like any other instant noodle lor.... but Tom Yam flavor.


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