Monday, 13 August 2007

Save the Marine Turtles with The Cross

Both Kim Kyung-hyun (25) and Lee Shi-ha (25) are in Pulau Tioman now. They are at the Save the Marine Turtles with The Cross Summer Camp (actually it's always summer in Malaysia!) jointly organised by Kpop Kingdom and Animal Harmony. Fund raised from the camp will be contributed to charity focused on saving the marine turtles of Malaysia.

Pulau Tioman is a beautiful island on the south east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It's in the state of Pahang. Venue for the camp will be Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort. I am sure both Lee and Kim will enjoy the event as they get to see one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia!

T-shirt specially designed for the camp,
worn by Kpop Kingdom members

PS: If you are reading this and participated in the summer camp, do let us know how the event went!

The Cross in Pulau Tioman

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Liz said...

The turtle is very cute :-)


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