Thursday, 2 August 2007

Rainy Entertainment

Are you kidding me? Energizer Bunny, of all names, you chose Rainy? What kind of a sissy-ish name is that? Why not just Rain Entertainment? See how that rolls off the tongue with so much masculinity?

Well, yes friends, Rainy Entertainment is the name of Rain/Bi's new company. Let’s get rid of our shocked expressions and accept the fact gracefullyAcck! Acck! Accccck!

OK, now that that’s out of the system....Friends, you can send the Energizer Bunny your gifts and messages of love and devotion to his spanking new office. Here’s the address:

Jung Ji-hoon / Rain
89-8 Chungdam-Dong,
3rd Floor, Gangnam-gu,

Seoul, Korea, 135-101

He’ll be back in Korea mid-August so make your way to the nearest Pos Malaysia and send your item(s), like, NOW.

Aug 3 update:

Rain's father is named the Chairman of the company while the Energizer Bunny is registered as a Director of Rainy Entertainment.

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Orchid said...


Why Rainy Entertainment? What's wrong with him?

The name is so the not nice!

I think he needs someone with good English to sit on his advisory board. Pick me! Pick me! ;-P

Orchid said...



* Orchid still has not recovered *


Rose said...

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa...this guy make me laugh.

Joe Wahlauwei said...

Aiya, very the simple wan. He don wan put dry entertainment, make people choke choke sleep sleep die die all.

He want to refresh people mah, so he make rainy entertainment lor!

Aiya, so the simple wan.

rainbowlove88 said...

Eh, you all don't so bad-lar. Cute what the name of the company, just like cute.

I love him and wish him all the best with the company. Hwaiting, oppa!

Liz said...

Liz walks up to Orchid and slaps her

Snap out of it, will ya? What's done is done.

RAINY Entertainment it is and it will stay that way.

Walks off to surf the Hallyu some more.

babybi said...

Wowww!!it's a good News for me. I wish U success everythings that U do--always love&support U my Jung Ji-hoon ^-^(thai_fanclub)

Anonymous said...

actually, there were copyrights issues over his name "Rain" being used... so to avoid any lawsuits, Rainy Entertainment is easier.


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