Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Star fashion at the Seoul Drama Awards 2007

The Seoul Drama Awards 2007 was just held recently. Here's a skinny on what your favourite stars wore to the event.

For women celebs, it looks like short knee-length dresses were preferred.

Oh ow, what kind of stunt is Jang Na-ra trying to
pull with that outfit.
I think she's trying to go for the
female in tux look but it is just ugly.
And the black &
white shoes just adds to the tragedy.

Park Si-yeon hits the spot with this red
number - simple and bold.

Lee Hyo-ri in a short blue dress. I like the play of
fabric - shinny in front,
and matte at the back. Nice touch.
But the back of the dress looks weird.
Is that a hood
or a kite - hanging behind her? Plus weird choice of shoes

to match the outfit. Chunky purple? I think gold
strappy stilettos would
be a better match.

Kim So-hyun in a Korean hanbok.

Han Hyu-joo looking mighty fine in a little black dress.

South Korea's renown fashion designer Andre Kim
in his white
space suit. Hey he forgot to put a fish bowl
over his head to
complete the look. Oh, we just have to do
a profile on this man soon.


Liz said...

OMG!!! There's an alien life form running around loose in South Korea! Andre Kim travelled from a galaxy far, far away to attend the event, huh?

Oh boy, look at Jang Nara! Is that a clown suit? Is that a diamante purse, for the outfit?? Is that leggings??? Was she stoned????

k-drama fan said...

Is Andre Kim wearing a hair net?

Tan said...

Hahaha... Andre Kim look hilarious....

rainbowlove88 said...

Is that Andre Kim real man or dummy?

rooster said...

Haha, I didn't know Andre Kim is a fashion designer! I thought he was just some weirdo seeking his 15 minutes of fame in a space suit.


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