Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hyo-ri and Jessica are liars

So Lee Hyo-ri and Jessica Alba teamed up for an Isa Knox commercial recently, right? Now we'll tell you what the advert's concept is about.

The commercial is for the beauty brand's Double Effect Advanced Serum and it will emphasise the stars' sex appeal (what's new?) and embrace their unique charm.

The CF starts with a tearful Hyo-ri breaking up with her boyfriend. Jessica is also breaking up with her boyfriend, but she is smiling. The heading reads: "A woman's face is lies".

Later, the situation is reversed: Now that they are away from their respective exes, the girls reveal their true feelings. We see Hyo-ri smiling and Jessica weeping!

According to Chosun Ilbo, the ad is suggesting that women are able to hide their true emotions behind a facade. They make no bones about telling a lie in order to break up with their boyfriends.

Isa Knox reportedly said that the tagline: "A woman's face is lies" actually denotes that a woman's skin is a lie, too....

What the fish? I'm confused, is the commercial for the brand or against it? If the report is accurate, then the ad - which is scheduled to be aired in Korea next month - is suffering from bad concept-itis.

Is Isa Knox digging its own grave?

Hit the Chosun Ilbo link above to read the original report.

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rooster said...


Orchid said...

I'm confused. Bad concept. Too complicated for the lay man.

Tan said...

Very confusing... Isa Knox??? Never heard before.

Orchid said...

Both Lee Hyo-ri and Jessica Alba look quite similar.

Orchid said...

Lee Hyo-ri and Jessica Alba in the Isa Knox commercial :

Hey you can buy Isa Knox products at Sasa outlets...i think.

Judy said...

it means that the product is so good at covering up zits/wrinkles so that a "natural beauty" like hyori and jessica are not really "natural" their faces are "lies" *duh*


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