Friday, 3 August 2007

TRIVIA: Korea's Julia Roberts

Who is Korea's Julia Roberts?

A) Kim Yun-jin

B) Im Su-jung

C) Kim A-joong

Click on the COMMENT link below to find out.


Orchid said...

Kim Yun-jin from the hit U.S. ABC TV series "Lost", was described as "The Korean Julia Roberts" in an article in Maxim magazine, March 2007.

sasjo said...

Woo hoo!

The only reason to keep following "Lost", if you need one. :)

Rose said...

Yay, yay I guessed right. Kim Yun-jin is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Julia Roberts is beautiful actress.
Kim yunjin is not.
She is the ugliest among all koran actress in korea ...
It's an embarrassment !

Anonymous said...

Kim Yunjin is Korean Julia Roerts ...???
then, For SURE "Sandra Oh" is Korean Audrey Hepburn!!!!


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