Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Trot music (트로트)

The things you learn everyday. Trot music (pronounced teu-ro-teu, 트로트 or colloquial: ppongjjak) is apparently, the oldest form of Korean pop music.

Critics allege that the genre was derived from the Japanese enka but trot lovers argue that the genre was developed prior to the Japanese occupation and simply evolved together with the enka.

The word "trot" is derived from "foxtrot" (yes, the ballroom dance). How does trot music sound like? Mmm, tough to explain so have a listen here or here – it’s Super Junior T! Cheesy isn’t it?

However, the genre's popularity has been revived in recent years thank (or no thanks) to “semi-trot” singers such as Jang Yoon-jeong (장윤정, pic above) as well as Super Junior T (pic below).

Super Junior T actually stands for Super Junior Trot. It is a 6 member subgroup that has branched out from the 13-member mega-group Super Junior in early 2007. Super Junior T consists of Lee-teuk, Hee-chul, Kang-in, Shin-dong, Sung-min, and Eun-hyuk.

Why the sudden interest in trot music? Have aliens taken over my mind and body? You'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.;-)


Rooster said...

Is that the equivalent to Malaysia's dangdut?

Sounds like something that would be played at a wedding banquet after all the guests are fed and drunk.

Liz said...

Yeah, it should be played when everybody is drunk so it won't regiester.

Dangdut...hmm good comparison! :)

Anonymous said...

wat happened to Kibum....where is that cutie?

cloudabovemyhead said...

where did Kibum go? is he not in either group anymore?

uyab said...

Dangdut is originally from Indonesia and has spread to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and some parts of the Philippines


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