Thursday, 16 August 2007

Wedding of the year?

All of Korea is waiting in anticipation for beautiful acress Kim Hee-sun (30) to get married to her fiance, Park Ju-yeong(33). Park, a graduate from Yonsei University is the second son of the president of Larksang Group. He is a successful businessman and runs a spa in glamourous Apgujeong-dong, southern Seoul. I also read that he operates his own businesses in Gangnam. Okay, he has many businesses then. It was reported that they were introduced by friends earlier this year.

Wah...what a catch!

The wedding is set for October 19 at the Seoul Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.

Both Kim and Park look gorgeous too. Kim Hee-sun is a well loved actress and highly aclaimed for her "natural beauty". When i first saw businessman Park, i thought...hey he could well be a Korean movie star! Well, his good looks got him featured in a photo spread and interview in the Korean Men's Health magazine last year.

Korean fashion designer Andre Kim, is a close friend of Kim Hee-sun. Andre has joked to the press that he would like to present them with one of his elaborately festooned wedding dresses as a gift.

Kim Hee-sun's secret engagement
Kim Hee-sun's wedding dress


BlushPony said...

I think Kim Hee Sun's smile looks funny in the picture... looks somewhat like she's wearing dentures.. or maybe it's just me! ;p

anyways, all the best to the both of them =D

Tan said...

Hahaha.... now that you mentioned, it does look like she's wearing dentures..... but both of them look gorgous.

Congrates and all the best.

Orchid said...

Kim Hee-sun and Lee Dong-gun's Korean drama Smile Again is showing now on 8TV @ 8:30pm.

Liz said...

Kin Hee-sun looks like HK actress Vicky Zhao in that pic.

I think she has veneers on.

Orchid said...

Liz i agree she does look like Vicky Zhao!


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