Thursday, 16 August 2007

At the 2007 FACE in Japan Premium Event

So what happens at a two-day cultural exchange program between Korea and Japan? Lots. Hallyu stars sang and showed-off their...umm, many talents as you can see below.

Since we weren't there, humour us as we make guesses to what actually happened ;-).

(The event was held at the Tokyo Dome, Japan on Aug 14 & 15).

The normal

Big Mama sings their hearts out

Ha Ji-won stands
around looking pretty

TVXQ tells everyone in no
uncertain terms that they are #1

The funny

Shin Hyun-jun forgets why he's
on stage. Dude, you're a STAR!!

Uhm Tae-wong over-exerts himself while singing

Kim Jae-won spots a long-lost friend
in the audience and starts waving frantically

The weird

Jo Hyun-jae suffers stage fright
and starts reading his song

Kangta starts saluting random members
of the audience to show respect

Lee Dong-gun tries to look macho

The total Mars experience

Minwoo spots his reflection on the floor
and instantly shows some love (left).
Later, he dons a hideous furry mini-jacket.

Jo Han-sun shows off his footballing skills
shifting into his bar tending mode
and makes everyone a drink.

1 Comment:

Orchid said...

Hahaha...nice captions Liz!

Why is Lee Dong-gun trying to look macho on a bike with a gigantic bouquet of flowers? Loose the flowers dude!


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