Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Won Bin (원빈)

Alright, unf4me, this one's dedicated to you. *hugs*

Won Bin sshi: 'I'm not that attracted to women who overdress and who
try too hard to look sexy. For me, a woman who wears simple, casual
clothes has lots of natural beauty, and therefore lots of sex appeal!'
- FHM Collections Spring/Summer 2004 (Asian Edition)

Won Bin served his mandatory national service for exactly 191 days (yes, that's less than 2 years!).

His story goes like this: the actor enlisted for military duty on Nov 29, 2005, kept a promise to his fans by volunteering for duty at the DMZ instead of the usual unit entertainers were relegated to and was discharged on June 7, 2006 because of a knee ligament injury that needed surgery.

He has been in therapy since then and is reportedly making a comeback mid-2008. Yes ladies, we have a weather forecast for ya: Major heat wave in the middle of next year. Be forewarned!

Born Kim Do-jin, the superhottie made his acting debut in a little known KBS drama back in 1996. His first breakthrough performance came four years later through Autumn in My Heart (2000).

The 30-year-old secured his popularity by appearing opposite Jang Dong-gun in the box office smash hit Taegukgi (2004). Yeah, the movie caused us Malaysians to take note as well since all my guy friends were ranting and raving about how superb the flick was.

The film, which is about brotherly love, is about two brothers who are forced to join the Korean War. The elder brother (Jang Dong-gun) volunteers for every suicidal mission in order to earn the Medal of Honour, which is the only way his younger brother is guaranteed a discharge from the army. However, the younger brother (Won Bin) fails to understand hyung’s intentions and thinks that it’s his brother’s obsession for fame and glory. Gee, I gotta watch the flick.

Oh, look how I digress. Won Bin’s final appearance on the screen – before enlisting for national service – was My Brother in 2005.

There isn't much on Won Bin on the web, well, not in English anyway. If you'd like to become a member of Won Bin's Official Fanclub, you'll have to pay US$25 (RM87.36) for a 12-month subscription.

Real name: Kim Do-jin (김도진)
Stage name: Won Bin (
Date of birth: Sept 29, 1977
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: O
Religion: Christian
Family: 3 older sisters and 1 older brother
Education: Yong-In University (Majored in Media and Drama)
Special Interest: Taekwondo, snowboarding, car racing
Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, soccer, fishing, computer games, photography – hey Orchid, you can be his friend
Official website: http://www.wonbinus.co.kr/english/



  • Friends (2002)
  • Autumn in my Heart (2000)
  • Khokji (2000)
  • Small Station (2000)
  • Kwangki/ Ad Mania (1999)
  • Ready, Go (1998)
  • Propose (1997)
  • Our Story (1996)


unf4me said...

..*runs around screaming and hands you girls all each a cupcake*...
first off thanks so much for mentioning me lol...and second won bin sshi... sigh and he likes natural girls, I remember him saying that he loves to see a girl fill out a pair of jeans. OMG okay enough of me being a fan girl...Okay one more time lets all scream for won bin sshi. and girls he's been working out even more since he's in rehab for his knee so just expect that his body will be to die for when he comes out again...

Gail T. said...

*** runs around screaming too***

haha. he's so handsome! he looks like my first ever crush, on whom i still harbor a crush. haha. won bin sshi, we miss you. come out, come out.

Liz said...

Ah kamsahamnida, unf4me.

*takes the cupcake and executes a clumsy mini-bow only to hit head on edge of table*

*munches on cupcake while watching unf4me and gail t. running around the blog*

Yeah, you girls go ahead and run/scream all you want. I'm making sure this cupcake goes straight to the butt. He likes girls who fill out a pair of jeans, is that it?

Me workin' on it. ;-)

Orchid said...

Thanks for the cupcake!

Liz said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Won Bin!


Anonymous said...

He's 30? He looks young to be that age. Maybe when he's 70 he'll look 40, 30 years younger...hehe

Anonymous said...

love u won bin...
hope u will success in whatever things u did...

sheridane6000 said...

My first love of Korean actor is always Won Bin. He is much so handsome and macho than that Bae guy (urgh... very sissy!). Did you know that Won Bin was also voted Mr April 2002 in www.mostbeautifulman.com?

Anonymous said...

Happy BirthDay!!!...
all the best..

one of your die hard fan...

Anonymous said...

when i first saw him in autumn in my heart (or "endless love" in the philippines) i was stunned by how good he looks. he catches my attention together with his co-actors hye-kyo and the other guy on the said drama.(4got his name). so ever since i became a fan of korean series and now they are very popular here in my country. -dani

Orchid said...

The other guy on the drama is Song Seung Hun

nina said...

hiii Wonbin....
i'm nina from jakarta-Indonesia, i'm your big fans
i like your character in friends and autumn in my heart, your so touching, i always cry when see your drama
i miss u... come to jakarta :)


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