Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bada plays Esmeralda

The girl with bad hair, Bada (27), is set to play Esmeralda in the Korean stage production of popular French musical Notre Dame de Paris.

The Korean cast of Notre Dame de Paris

The cast held a press conference at the Chong Dong Theatre on Sept 18. Apart from talking about the progress of the production, Bada showcased her talent with a brief performance.

The play will run from Oct 23 to Nov 11 at the Gimhae Arts and Sports Center and at the Sejong Center of the Performing Arts on January and February 2008.

Esmeralda (Bada) twirls about in delight.

Oh-uh, too much twirling gives one a bad headache.

Bada quickly lies down to get rid of her headache induced by
too much twirling. Yes, acting can be quite a dangerous occupation.

Bada hots it up as Esmeralda.

We still don’t like the hair, girl.

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Orchid said...

Who will be playing the hunchback of Notre Dame?

inquinn said...

that's cool
anywho the 2nd last picture is quite 'disturbing' somehow. ok i'm not sure if that's the word to describe it but i'm lack for a better word

Liz said...

inquinn, disturbing in what sense? Are you being distracted by Bada's "twin peaks" there, my friend? :-P

ni-choon said...

I heard Miss Saigon is also touring in South Korea. My attempts to access the official site at http://miss-saigon.co.kr/ is always denied. It premièred in July at Seongnam Arts Center and has moved to Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and will run till Oct 1. Not too sure if the run is extended.

Orchid said...

Wow Ni Choon, i didn't know you are into musicals. Plus how come you keep tabs of the performing arts scene in South Korea? Are you making a trip there soon?

Liz said...

Yeah, Ni-choon, I tried the URL too but got a "Bad Request" prompt. The site isn't there anymore.


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