Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Bada (바다)

Bada will soon take centrestage and appear in musicals. The 27-year-old started her career in entertainment as the lead vocalist of the now defunct trio S.E.S.

Apart from Bada, the girl group which was formed in 1997, was made up of Eugene and Shoo. After a very successful run as a trio, the girls decided to part ways in 2002. Bada and Eugene pursued solo music careers, while Shoo pursued acting.

While Bada's first solo album did well (it sold approx 130,000 copies), her 2nd album Aurora (2004) sold only 23,000 copies and promotion for it was abandoned.

In 2006, the singer reinvented herself for her 3rd album Made in Sea. She shed her feminine image for an androgynous one (really?) but the transformation didn't pay off. The album still did poorly. However, it was given a re-release because of its successful second single, V.I.P.

The latest news is that Bada's embarking upon a career in theatre. Could it be due to the lacklustre album sales?

Stage name: Bada
Real name: Choi Sung-hee (최성희)
Nickname: Tomato
Date of birth: Feb 28, 1980
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: AB
Siblings: 1 older brother and 1 older sister
Education: Dochang Elementary School, Sorae Middle School, Anyang High School of Art, Dankook University of Theater & Film
Religion: Catholic (Baptismal name: Bibi Anna (비비안나))


  • Made In Sea (2006)
  • Aurora (2004)
  • A Day of Renew (2003)


jacen said...

It was very touching when she sung "You were born to be loved" at Lee Eun Joo's funeral.. and her versions of that same song she had released since were very beautifully sung. That's the impression I had of her although I don't really follow her albums...

Anonymous said...

Regardless she sells 100 copies or 1million copies, Bada would eventually goes for musicals. It was her dream to be a musical actress (yep she studied theater in her art school and college), in fact she'd probably started off as a singer in order to pursue her dream of becoming a musical actress.

I would say she is very successful in the theater now considering what she's achieved in just a short while. Nonetheless bada said that she would like to be a singer / musical actress as a career.


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