Saturday, 29 September 2007

Bi's (비) Impossible Mission

The Mission
Rain received an impossible mission one Christmas Day. Will he be able to accomplish it? What? Nothing is impossible for Bi you say? Well, in only 8 hours, he needs to put together a concert, and fill up 6000 seats!

Bi talks about his mother and the challenge

This reality program was made in 2003 and only 8 months after Rain's debut. He loves his mother, but she passed away before she could see him succeed as a singer. Rain said he regrets not treating her with proper respect when she was alive. He loves her dearly and wants to dedicate this concert to her. He decides to use his real name Jung Ji-hoon instead of stage name Rain this time, because the concert is for his late mother. His mother's death anniversary is two days after Christmas.

The Venue
The concert will be held outdoors at Bi's mother's old school - Anyang High School. Bi looks worried, how to get a crowd of 6000 in winter, to attend an outdoor concert in less than 8 hours?

They reveal the venue to Bi. What place is this?

The venue of the concert will be Bi's mom's
old high-school in

The Promotion
To gather the crowd, Bi himself goes and randomly approaches people on the streets around Anyang! He does an impromptu dance to promote his concert. Bi goes to shopping centers, karaoke joints and food courts. This really shocked people...what that's Bi! Rain! Oppa! He even pours drinks for them and tells them to please attend the concert! (Now why wasn't i in Seoul then! Why oh why! ;) Bi goes all out!

Rain gives his 120% to promote the concert
in the few precious hours

The Concert
Rain has done all he could to promote the concert in the short time he has. He's tired and worried. It is winter time and the weather is freezing cold. Who would come? They blindfold Rain and lead him up on stage. Rain does not know how many showed up. If the numbers do not make up to 6000, the concert will be cancelled. He will not get to perform at the concert he plans to dedicate to his mother.

A blindfolded Bi is led on stage.

Bi has a heart to heart talk to the crowd and thanks them

Rain says: "Even though the stage is removed,
I would still stand on the ground and sing for you."

We find out that the organizers initially set the quota for 5000
but Bi himself upped the ante to 6000! (Gulp)

They give him a chance to change his mind, but Bi sticks to 6000.

Bi removes his blindfolds

The crowd cheers

The crowd burst into a song dedicated to Rain's mother.
They sing and wave lamps. Gosh, how sweet a gesture is that?!

The residents in Anyang celebrate Bi's mom's death
anniversary with him on Christmas of 2003.

Bi is moved to tears and thanks the audience for coming to support him, even in the cold freezing winter weather.

What is the count? Did 6000 people show up? Did Bi win the challenge?

Will Rain be able to perform at this special concert dedicated to his late-mother?
Hmmm....i won't tell, watch the video clips to find out! ;-)

Rain's Christmas Mission on YouTube (with English subtitles) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Thanks to Kudakitsune for uploading the clips.
Credit to Rain-USA.

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IN`vincible said...

Ah, Bi's guerilla concert! I've only seen ShinHwa's guerilla concert 3-4 yrs ago?! I cried while watching it~ Thanks for sharing this.. I'll watch this when i have extra time ^o^

jl said...

this concert is soo touching... i cried again even i watched it before. i would say that, i really enjoy the posts in K-popped! Keep it up! Cheers~~

Anonymous said...

Ah...unseen before footages of Bi! Thanks K-popped! I have not seen this reality show before. I cried while watching it. So touching.

Liz said...

thanks for the compliment jl :-P Hope to see you here again :-)

rainbowlove88 said...

oppa, this is such as sad video. i wanna hug u :-(

Liz said...

Oh yeah, I finally got around to watching it.

Wow, Bi still managed to muster up that many people in just a day? My hero. *Kiss*

Anonymous said...

Touching.... GO RAIN...


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