Saturday, 29 September 2007

Rain can't decide where to study English

Korean actor and singer Rain (25) announced recently that he would like to study English in the States. He will be flying off to US sometime in November, but has yet to decide where he will be going. It will either be New York or Los Angeles.

So fans, where do you think Rain will choose? Go to New York and maybe take English classes and spend time with his Full House co-star Song Hye-kyo? I wonder if she is still in New York. Or, visit and bunk in with friend and ex-producer JYP (Park Jin-young) in Hollywood Hills, LA?

Where do you think Rain will go?

Song Hye-kyo learns English
Rain at Mid-Autumn Festivities in China

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Anonymous said...

Come to LA

inquinn said...

come to the UK!

rainbowlove88 said...

bi oppaaaa! come to malaysia and learn english. mine not so good becos i go chinese school, but then there are ppl with good english here! saranghaeyo! come to msia oppa, i miss u.

Anonymous said...

I think Rain really likes SHK and he would be too shy to learn English with her around. He should go to LA and be with JYP.

fraulein said...

I reckon anywhere as long as it's in the US. Our rain needs to be surrounded by ppl who speak english, that's how we force ourselves to learn. But i think LA wld be a better choice because of the music/record company connections.

Anonymous said...

Rain should definetly go to LA!!! If he is around any woman. . that will only make him get distracted! Go to LA Rain! Lots of connections and you will succeed in the US industry!


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