Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Choo Sang-mi to walk down the aisle in Nov

Now I know who this actress is! She plays the eldest sister in the oh-so entertaining comedy Everybody Has Secrets. The things you learn everyday, huh?

Choo Sang-mi (34) will be saying "I do" or more accurately "네" on Nov 5 at the Onnuri Choorch when she weds fellow actor Lee Seok-joon.

The couple met in 2003 when they starred in the musical The Sorrows of Young Werther. The couple has been secretly dating ever since. They even cooked up secret codes to convey their feelings for each other.

"We blinked our eyes when saying 'I love you'," said Choo. "No one really noticed."

However, the cat was let out of the bag when Lee publicly proposed to Choo on Jan 4.

"He sang me a gospel song and gave me a ring in front of around 300 people," she said. "On the night of the proposal, I fell asleep feeling blessed."



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