Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Day in the Life of Ivy (아이비)

Fan-fiction by Orchid

Hi, my name is Ivy and I am a pop singer and model in South Korea. Come and spend the day with me.

6:00 AM
Wake up - it's a brand new day! I pull on my track suit and Reebok trainers and go for a jog. Of course i can only use the iRiver MP3 player because I am endorsing it. I can't use Apple's iPod no-siree!

8:00 AM

Drive to the market to do some grocery shopping. While in town, stop by the news stand to read the morning papers. Is there any news on me? I should be doing grocery shopping, but that's just so boring. I like buying sweets and junk food instead.

10:00 AM

Head to the dance studio to practice some of my dance moves. I need to practice really hard shaking my bon-bon to out-do fellow sexy diva Lee Hyo-ri. Being a female pop singer ain't that simple. The competition is really tough. On a happier note, I am really excited to be opening for Christina Aguilera tonight!


Gosh i am having a super busy day today. I am at Dong Beak elementary school giving the students there a pep talk. I can't disappoint them.

1:30 AM
Grab a quick lunch. I love sushi. Do you?

2:30 PM

Although I am having a super busy day, I find time to goof around with my best friend MC Mong. C'mon everyone, say hi to "monkey". Isn't he adorable? Please just ignore the weirdo in the background. I know he is ruining the pic, but I just don't have the heart to tell him to buzz off.

3:30 PM
Taking a break to reflect on my music career. Oh how I wish I could work with Korean hunk Se7en again. I had so much fun working with him in the music video All Night Long. Maybe I can ask my manager to call his manager to see if he can take some time off from his US work schedule. Yes, I think I shall do that.

4:00 PM
I am meeting fans at a Reebok promo event. I am so touched that a fan with leukemia came to greet me. I just love my fans.

5:30 PM
Boy I am so excited, I will be opening for Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics Concert in Seoul. Need to have a quick bite before I go on stage. Love these Korean instant noodles. They are a life saver!

6:30 PM

On stage, performing. I always end with my signature SOT (Sonata of Temptation) pose. Can you recognize it?

10:00 PM
After the Christina Aguilera concert I unwind by heading into town to chill and dance the night away. I like to pole dance once in awhile.
Gosh, on the way to the dance club I get mobbed by fans. Can you spot me in the crowd? Luckily Rain loaned me his personal bodyguard to keep me safe. What a guy.

1:00 AM
Finally, the day ends and I am at home winding down. My comfortable bed beckons. Good night everyone! I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me. * kiss * kiss *

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Anonymous said...

This was thoroughly amusing.

Orchid said...

Thank you. Glad you liked it. Please visit us again, and don't remain anonymous. :-)

Liz said...

Ha ha ha cute post Orchid. Yeah the bodyguard works with Rain as well. We saw him in Malaysia during Rain's concert, right? :-)

He was walking around the VIP area to make sure things were OK...and when a couple of fans wanted to put up a banner of Rain they made, he politely said no. It would be too obstructive for the audience.

Gail T. said...

good job, orchid! i enjoyed it as well.

Orchid said...

Thanks Gail. :-)

Yeah Liz, we saw that man in the pic - in real life at Rain's concert. And we knew he was on Rain's team. But i could not for the life of me pull up the courage to go speak to him. :-(

se7enth heaven said...

I agree, Se7en and Ivy should work together again

Liz said...

What are you babbling about Orchid? Why would you want to go up and talk to the bodyguard when at that time you didn't even know who Rain was? :-D

Liz said...

Whoa, the All Night Long MV is total hotness. Se7en's so hot. Kiss me!

Orchid said...

LIZ: I told ja! The All Night Long MV is nice huh? Too bad it isn't in the Se7en DVD we own. Why lar.

Oh yes, you do have a point about approaching Rain's bodyguard. At that point in time, i couldn't care less. :-P

fraulein said...

is this really 1 day in ivy's life? wow !
I like ivy a lot = )
Yo orchid, thought u knew rain b4 u went to the concert and grew to like him after the concert? u didnt know him b4 that? ; )

fraulein said...

i am curious - how did u know what she did and when? didja follow her?

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein,

Of course i did not follow Ivy around for a day. ;-) You see on top of the entry it says "fan fiction". I made it up.

But it is based on some of these facts and accompanied by pictures I found on the Internet.

*Ivy does endorse iRiver and Reebok

*Ivy did visit Dong Beak school and those are pictures of her there

*Ivy is good friends with MC Mong (in her profile he is listed as one of her best friends)

*Ivy did make a guest appearance in Se7en's All Night Long MV

*Ivy did open for Christina Aguilera's concert in Seoul

*Ivy does her signature Sonata of Temptation pose a whole lot

*Those are real pictures of her home

Orchid said...

Actually i didn't really know Rain when i went to his concert. Liz and i were blessed with really good tickets (like 3rd row from the stage).

I didn't know any of Rain's songs except for "In my bed" because i saw his music video on TV only a couple of days before i knew i was going to his concert. I even laughed at his name "What kind of artist would call himself Rain?" Are you kidding me? hahahaha...

Liz kept tell me..."Orchid, do your HOMEWORK before going to the concert!" (i.e. listen to the Rain CD to get familiar with his songs). But I didn't have time...only 1 week. Ok, so i did not do my homework. I went to Rain's concert totally blur - not knowing any of his songs.

But when i left the concert, my jaw was to the floor and i was totally sold out. He was AWESOME!

Liz said...

Yes and that, my dear readers who care to browse through the comments, is how Orchid and I got K-popped!

We got hit by the Hallyu that night - Rain, this blog exist today because of YOU...happy?

Little did we know that on that fateful night, the "birth pangs" of K-popped started.

Hey Orchid, maybe we should do a special entry on how we got K-popped? Well, only if our readers are interested to know. ;-P


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