Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rain to turn tech company into production house?

You’re on a break yet still making news, huh, Energizer Bunny? It is reported that Rain will be investing 3.56 billion won (W1,000 = RM3.75) in SATEC, a wireless technology company that is listed on the Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ). SATEC announced the news on Sept 17.

In an exercise to increase the company’s capital, 5.68 million new shares worth 23 billion won will be issued. The issue price for each share is 4,050 won. Rain will invest 3.56 billion won to become the 2nd largest shareholder of the company.

It is reported that the superstar wants to turn the company into a production house. The Energizer Bunny said that he will purchase more shares, take over the company’s managerial rights and make it a producer and distributor of Korean media content that targets the global market.

Hmm, need employees, Energizer Bunny? A secretary or personal assistant? I can make good coffee…out of a 3-in-1 packet. ;-P

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Orchid said...

Rain is an ambitious man! Sarang-hae oppa!

rainbowlove88 said...

yay orchid, uri bi oppa is very talented outside music and inside music! Saranghae, oppa! You will be great man of production.

Anonymous said...

I admire (& heart) this man for not merely sitting on the passenger side when it comes to taking control of his life. Of course there's bound to be a lot of skepticism in his new business venture. Still one can't help but admire his determination & ambition. Yet he's just 25!!?! I wish him much much success!!


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