Friday, 14 September 2007

Surprise from Rooster & Orchid


Gail T. said...

i wish the same thing (or present/gift) for you too, Liz! may all your bi-related dreams come true.

(oh, rooster, you are amazingly talented)

Marian said...

Happy Birthday! Surprise!
Cool website, I like it!
I suggest next time we go Korean restaurant, we concentrate on eating Korean food and you can comment on the food lar.
Maybe my twin girls will be fancy on Korean artists in future too, you know... ha ha ha!


Liz said...

Oh MY GAWD, you guys!! This is so totally unexpected! Thank you...ah, 감사합니다!!

Ha ha ha, I was laughing for a full minute there when I opened the site. :-)

Love the special surprise popping out of the cake too *wink*. Rooster, awesome artwork as always!

Orchid, you notti wonder you kept pestering me to log on even when our broadband ain't working today!

*hugz all around*

Yo Gail, thank you for the well wishes. And keep on being a K-popped! friend, yah. *hugz* :-)

Marian, thanks for the wishes too! Yes, we must go for Korean food the next time we meet.

Also, I'm sure your twins will start enjoying Korean entertainment as well, just send them over to Liz for Introduction to Hallyu 101. ;-)

Rock on, friends!!!

*blows kisses to everyone, grabs guy popping out from cake...and leaves.*

Orchid said...

Did you notice that cheeky Rooster took a bite out of the birthday cake? hehehe...Yeah Happy Birthday Liz!

Liz said...

Yeah, Rooster's kryptonite is food. :-)

fraulein said...

Happy belated birthday, Rooster !

Liz said...

Yo my excitement, I forgot to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Our birthday month same-same what ;-)

I'm no artist so I can't draw a picture for your birthday present...unless you don't mind stick figures :-P

kwfong said...

Liz, Happy belated Birthday

Liz said...

Hi kwfong, thank you :-)

Rooster said...

Thanks guys!

Hope your B-day was a blast Liz!

Been MIA for the past week but now I'm back. :D


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