Saturday, 15 September 2007

Korean fashion influence in handbags

The very first time i saw embellishments / accessories for handbags was at a shop selling Korean handbags and accessories. They had chunky key-chains attached to handbags to give it that extra pop. I think it was pretty cool and pointed this out to my friend. But she was like "Are you kidding?". Nah, she wouldn't be caught dead with that furry ball hanging from her tote what more to pay for it.

Now i see more and more handbags with these embellishments attached to it. Some of them come with the bag, while others, you have to pay (around RM12 - RM30) for it. I think it's a Korean influence.

What is your take on the current trend of having chunky key-chains on your bag? Would you buy it to accessorise your bag?

The embellishments on the bags pictured below come with the handbag.

BRAUN Buffel

Carlo Rino

Kathy White Bag

Kathy Zebra Print

Camry Access Gold Bag

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MyMai said...

I like a bit of bling on my handbag. i think it makes it more interesting and appealing. asian fashion is so underrated in the western countries.

MyMai said...
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