Thursday, 27 September 2007

Hyo-ri's nose

I just read on RUKorean that Lee Hyo-ri (Lee Hyo-lee?) acknowledged on a KBS TV game show that she had cosmetic surgery done on her nose when the host asked her to make a pig nose while singing. Hyo-ri said that she wouldn't be able to do that because she might botch her nose job.

A teeny part of my jealous self is going, "Yes! They're not born perfect after all," and the other part of me is going, "Sooo... what would happen if I squeezed and massaged my nose after getting rhinoplasty?"

Forgive my ignorance but I'm thinking that the nose will get punctured or something. Nose collapse? Maybe pop out like Mr. Potato Head's shnozz?

As for the impromptu confession, Hyo-ri, you're still a bomb and we love ya!

Edit 29th Sept:
The media took her joke literally and I believed them, bah! Hyo-ri! You shouldn't joke around like that! Especially about getting plastic surgery. So she can do a Ms. Piggy after all. Cute!

Source: RUKorean
Pic Credit: joins

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Anonymous said...

Hyo-Ri looks great! Im happy for her. Cosmetic surgery has been around since ancient egypt, and certain native american tribes would put strong constant force on their babies heads to make the forehead flat and the orb triangular. It should be no surprise but there are definately still women out there born beautiful with natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

She was joking on the show. And of course media blows it out of proportion.

rooster said...

Oh shucks... so they're all born perfect. Haha


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