Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Hyo-ri, you're so silly

Snapshots of Hyo-ri posing playfully for the camera. I presume it's a night at the movies for her.

You see, that's the thing about Korean stars that makes them so lovable, they're not afraid to put their clown mask on once in a while. And I love the casual garb she has on, so comfortable. I'd look so frumpy in that top. :(

Pic Credit: Soompi forums


Liz said...

Yeah at least they put their guard down when they are NOT inebriated...just having good, clean fun.

Can't really say that for Hollywood starlets.

Orchid said...

Hey they have The Coffee Bean in Seoul? It's a Malaysian franchise. Cool.

rooster said...

Haha. I thought your comment was so out of context Orchid. Until I went back and looked at the pictures again.


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