Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Korean stars keep on giving

Did Christmas come early this year? I surf the Hallyu and read loads on how Korean stars are lending their time, money and star power to various causes.

Joining the fray of generous Korean celebrities is Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji-seon, who will be sponsoring children from low income families.

On Sept 7, the 24-year-old was appointed PR envoy of Seoul's Joonggu district Happiness Project. Ji-seon has pledged 50,000 won (RM187.57) per month to 26 poor families for a whole year!

This isn't her first act of kindness as the beauty queen has also donated her entire 20mil won (RM75,007) prize money after being crowned in July to the organising committee to help needy neighbours!

Apart from Lee, Stairway to Heaven star Kim Tae-hee is set to help children stricken with cancer. The 27-year-old is the PR envoy of the Make A Wish Foundation, which reaches out to children with incurable diseases such as leukaemia and cancer.

The actress will appear on a KBS program to promote the campaign that makes wishes come true for children with cancer. Awww...wonderful. I'm getting misty eyed here!

It is reported that Tae-hee will appear on the show and recite a poem composed by a child who is suffering from complications originating from abnormality of the cerebral artery.

We’re sure there are many more generous stars but K-popped! stumbled upon the ones below recently:

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