Monday, 3 September 2007

K-popped! Trio celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Malaysian Chinese are set to celebrate the Mooncake Festival (a.k.a. Lantern Festival a.k.a. Mid-Autumn Festival), which falls on Sept 25 this year (or the 15th day of the 8th lunar month).

The lantern-toting K-popped Trio!

In celebration of that (boy, we Malaysians love to partay, huh?) the K-popped! Trio has dusted off their lanterns and are happily toting it about the site (check out our masthead). Oh, and Rooster, where on earth did you get that piece of mooncake? Share! Share!

Mooncakes are also called "reunion cake" and the sweet confectionery is usually eaten throughout the month before the actual festival day. The yummy treat also makes a meaningful gift to friends and family.

On the days leading up to the festival, children would usually carry lanterns in all shapes and sizes in the evenings. These days, the kids tote about battery operated lanterns - they don't burn up or burn outso not fun. Playing with fire was one of the best things during the festival. Eh, Orchid and Rooster?

The bearing of lanterns and the origin of mooncakes date back to a 14th century revolt by the Chinese against the Mongols. In 1376, the Chinese overthrew the Yuan (Mongol) dynasty (1280-1376) in an uprising hatched by lantern-bearing messengers who delivered mooncakes with hidden messages.

Before: The K-popped! Trio in the Merdeka mood


Orchid said...

Yeah, we used to have A LOT of fun during the lantern festival.

My lantern always gets burned (when there is a slight breeze). And i would be so sad i would cry. :-( Plus there were no OPPA's around to help me. Oppppaaaaaaaaaaaa Oppppaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Liz said...

I loved stomping on my burning lantern!!

Burn, baby BURN....

rainbowlove88 said...

hee hee so cute. I want to carry my lantern around too.

Lights lantern and carries it around the site oso.

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work! your site is great fun to read and your banners are super duper cute. =D

Orchid said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks! Do keep visiting us & great to hear from ya. 감사합니다. =)

rooster said...

Playing with fire is the best! I remember burning up that patch of carpet grass outside the driveway.

Liz said...

I remember writing my name in cement with sparklers.

Oh, what joy to be had with fire.

Liz said...

Oh sorry, where are my manners. Thank you for the compliments on our site Anonymous.

Rooster is the Artist Extrodinaire here. ;-) I'm only good at drawing stick men.


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