Monday, 3 September 2007

Kwon Sang-woo back in Seoul

Aw shucks, we didn't get any pics of superhot Kwon Sang-woo during his stay in Bali. :-(

Darn the extremely tight security! It has been reported that fans had to keep a distance of 50m away from the star when he was shooting the CF for Ocean Blue Hotel K.S.W.'s chain of hotels.

Fans from China, Taiwan and Japan actually flocked to see their idol in action, but I guess they came back with nothing. Perhaps breathing the same air and staying in the same area as the 31-year-old hunk would suffice for them.

Now, Sang-woo sshi is already back in Seoul. He arrived at Incheon Airport on Sept 1. Here are photos of his arrival. Aww, he did a little duty-free shopping, didn't he?

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1 Comment:

Orchid said...

Who the heck is that? It could be any male? hahahaha...sure that's Kwon Sang-woo?

Oh yeah...he prob bought some chocs for me at the duty free shop. (hehehehe...yeah dream on.)

Okay, okay maybe for his mom then. :-)


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