Monday, 24 September 2007

KBS World for K-popped Malaysians!

Oh, is K-popped actually being heard by the powers-that-be at TV programming land? Coincidence or not, we have good news for fellow Malaysians.

Malaysia is getting its very first dedicated Korean channel on Astro! Say 안녕 to KBS World, which will be taking up residence at Astro Channel 303 from October 2007 onwards. We hope there'll be more channels in the future. Arirang, anyone? ;-)

Yup, the Hallyu is here to stay with its own dedicated TV network! The 24-hour channel will be offering Korean dramas, concerts and lifestyle programs.

Among the programs available are Dae Joyoung, a 100-episode epic drama depicting the life of heroic King Dae Jo-young and Music Bank, a program where Malaysians will get their (much-needed) shot of Kpop!

Whoo hoo, we can't wait! Six more days to go...and counting. 감사합니다, Astro!

If you want more info on KBS World, you can go to:

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Update Oct 5: Thanks to tokyorevolution; we discovered that KBS World will be launched on Oct 13, 2007! It's Freeview, which means it isn't under a package subscription. Every Astro subscriber gets to watch it. Hooray!

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Orchid said...


What? There's such a thing of a 100-episode drama? Watch until senget afterwards.

Yay to KBS World! Thank you ASTRO.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. This is good news. Sounds like you girls in Malaysia will get your own dedicated Korean channel soon. Congratulations. Hwaiting!!

Liz said...

Aiyah, the channel isn't showing yet. I guess it will be "sometime" in October 2007 and not from Oct 1, 2007. Sigh, still waiting, Astro. *arms crossed, taps foot*.

Cody said...

Can't wait!! Hope there will be korean terestrial channels in Astro too.. like MBC,SBS etc!!

tokyorevolution said...


Starting October 13. hehe.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Music Bank is so much LOVE. *__*

I don't have to dl from internet for the Music Bank anymore, i can watch it from tv. how great!

Liz said...

tokyorevolution, you ROCK! Thanks for the update!! Wheeeee....

Anonymous said...

KBS World starts on Astro tomorrow? Super! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the song featured in the KBS World tv ad on Astro! ^^ Does anyone know the title and singer of the song?

Anonymous said...

dkssud ^^ zzzz

pari said...

Hi Guys,
I am Pari from India.
Though we have a rich culture of soaps and movies here.
I really enjoy watching Korean soaps. they are so unique n fun to watch.

Orchid said...

Thanks for dropping a note Pari!!


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