Saturday, 8 September 2007

Korean B-boys

What are Korean B-boys? I have only been introduced to the word "B-boy" this week! I was listening to Arirang Radio the other day, and i heard that the B-boys will be performing in Seoul this weekend. I thought they were a group or boy band.

Then at the MATTA travel fair yesterday, there was a Korean B-boy performance.

Well, i learned that B-boy are break dancers. And Korean B-boys are apparently very good. "The Korean B-boys took the world by storm."

Here i leave you with a couple of pics from the Korean B-boy performance at the travel fair.

A Korean B-boy (break dancer)
ready to perform

If you know anything else about Korean B-boys, do let us know.

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symphony said...

BBOYS! i know all about them!
breakdancers ... who are extremely popular and GOOD. korean bboys are some of the best .. one of the best groups is LAST FOR ONE .. i have to look the others up, but if you look on youtube, you can find a lot mroe about them from there. here's a sick video for you to oogle while i'm heading off to sleep lol.

Liz said...

Oooh, just watched the vid and that was wicked! So kewl. Thanks Symphony!.

koi_green said...

Okay, first of all. Don't call them break dancers, that's not what they are. They are bboys and break. The "b" in bboy stands for break. Second of all, how can you comprehend bboy as a korean boyband, seriously. And bboying is big as hell, in korea. The koreans are killer. Like Rivers, Drifters, Gamblers, or even Last4one. Come on, please tell me you're not korean, because it's just blow my mind.

Tyler said...

Yo koi_green, before you start criticizing, check out the blog you are commenting on.

K-popped! are MALAYSIANs, and they're learning about the Korean culture, so keep those snide remarks to yourself.

It just blows my mind too how people can make nasty comments and not know what blog they are on.

Orchid said...

@koi_green, it is incorrect to call "bboys" break dancers? Okay. thanks for that bit of info.

@Tyler - thanks! ;-)

Yeah we are learning about Korean stuff each day and welcome any comments to correct any mistakes.

lemonade lagoon said...

It's a definite no to call "bboys" "breakdancers". They get really iffed about it. It's like calling Asians "Orientals" or something. Hahaha! You have to be PC about it. :D

Speaking of and since you guys are into Korean culture and all, check out the recent (it was released a month ago) documentary Planet B-Boy directed by Korean-American Benson Lee. Although it talks about bboying in general, a great emphasis is placed over how Koreans are surprising everyone with their mad skillz. They have some excerpts over at youtube. It's really cool.

Oh and last I heard, because of the buzz this movie has generated, there's now a talk about turning this into a feature length (*crossing my fingers*). Kinda like 'Step Up' or 'You Got Served' but minus the cheese. Haha! :D

Donny Boy said...

Just an interesting fact about Korean Bboys in Korea:
Although Korean Bboys may be the best and most admired in the entire world of hip hop, they aren't as respected in the Korean society.
As you may know, the Korean society is mostly accepting toward educated folks - doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc.
Korean Bboys, since many do not hav a college education, are not as respected in Korea (although I believe that they should be).
In Korea, they are just seen as entertainment and passed by.
However, in other countries such as the US, they are widely respected and engaged with constant applause and praise (and battles). FYI-Battles are competitions between one or more bboys/bgirls/crews.

Just a side note: I've recently been visiting your website and I believe that it's one of the best and professional blog/sites I've seen. Please keep up the amazing work! Thank you!

Liz said...

Hi Donny Boy, thanks for the comment on B-boys and the kind words. Glad you like the site :-).

Dal Nim said...

B-Boy, on Mei 12'08 I saw they performance at Senayan City plaza, Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of the group is "Myosung" (you can see the video on youtube), they are a B-Boy dancers but they always used a traditional music from Korea, not a modern music.
They are rock!!

Anonymous said...

Oh lol, yeah experienced bboys take being called a breakdancer an insult, long song to explain or why it is like it and kindof hard to understand.

Koreas been pretty big in the bboy society since 2001 ish?
and still is atm.

@Dal nim
lol I love myosung too but, there too underated, and there also not only focused on bboy they also pop and lock. Other crew also use traditonal music too. For some showcases(performace) you actually see totally differnt music used. like drifters 2006 int. able crew, project soul.


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