Sunday, 9 September 2007

Pop it, lock it, break it

Funny you should blog about B-boying Orchid cuz South Korea's top-notch B-boy team Gambler finished with 2nd place at the World Freestyle Session which was held last month in Los Angeles, U.S. of A, the country where b-boying and pop locking originated from. Woo hoo! Gambler has been invited to perform at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. These boys got SKiLLzZ yo!

Freestyling to 2nd place!

Gambler also performed yesterday for the KB B-boy World Class Masters competition at the Olympic Hall in Seoul showing off their best moves. Top-class B-boyers from all over the world and pop stars Lee Hyo-ri and Poppin' Hyun-joon were also present at this event.

A shot of T.I.P., another hot South Korean B-boying team showing off
some moves at the 2008 B-boy Unit World Championship last weekend.

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Orchid said...

Thanks to Rooster and Symphony's comment & video link, i now know more about B-boys.

Yes Rooster, the KB B-boy World Class Masters competition was the event i heard about!! Lee Hyori performed there too! :-) That was what i heard over Arirang Radio!

Orchid said...

What's the difference between b-boying and pop locking?

rooster said...

They're both different styles of urban dances.

Pop locking are those 'robot' type moves and break dancing is the one that's more acrobatic.

Check out these videos, out these videos and you'll get it.

Orchid said...

Ah Rooster. Thanks for the explanation and video links. I GET IT NOW!

Once you say pop locking is robotic, i know what you mean already. Uhm Jung-hwa does a bit of pop locking in Mr Perfect. Hilarious!

Oh oh oh...and while we are talking about dance videos u gotta watch this. It is so funny! Is Bi doing a bit of pop locking there?

Bi power dancing on Korean TV Show

rooster said...

Haha, I believe he is.


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