Thursday, 6 September 2007

Korean Celeb Year Book photos

Don't you just hate your school year book photos?

Well, check out the old photos of these hallyu stars, next to how they look now.

Im Su-jung
This actress from 'A Tale of Two Sisters' and 'I'm a Cybory but that's OK' fame did not change much. Her huge eyes and full lips were noticeable even back then.

Lee Dong-gun
How could we not recognize his goldfish eyes...

Kim Hee-sun
Touted to be one of Korea's most beautiful women and soon to be married to a successful businessman. She has indeed become lovelier through the years.

Jung Ji-hoon (Rain)
Who would have guessed the geeky looking boy would turn out to be one of Asia's hottest entertainer.

Yoo Jin a.k.a. Eugene
'Love Truly' actress can look simple and sweet yet is able to vamp it up such as in the photo below.

I discovered the old year book photos in a Korean magazine site, and i am only guessing these are their photos. So please let me know if there are errors. Text was in Korean.

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rainbowlove88 said...

Oppaaaaaa, even though when u were young, u were so handsome.

I would be ur instant girlfriend.


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