Thursday, 6 September 2007

Won Bin appointed UNICEF special representative

Won Bin made his long-awaited public appearance today after a hiatus. The soon-to-be 30-year-old was appointed special representative by UNICEF.

Can you say hunkalicious?

The photogs were on him as soon as he
stepped out of the car

Awww, the oh-so dapper Won Bin poses with children

Ah, if only there were two of you, Won Bin sshi...

I have a voice recorder as well and you're
welcome to touch it anytime ;-P

Sawadikap...incidentally Mr. Won Bin, I'm 1/8 Thai
and I can Sawadika with the best of 'em

Oh mini-bow! Mini-bow!

Ah, I see Korea's resident ALF (alien life form) was present at the
appointment ceremony as well. Egg-cellent!


Orchid said...

Won Bin does not look 100% Korean. Is he of mixed parentage?

Hope to see more of him soon.

Gail T. said...

i agree with orchid... :)

unf4me said...

i know he's always kind of looked mixed to me too. but you know these days i think everyone has got a little something else in them. More to love. He's sooooo HOT. wow, i wish i had one of him.

Liz said...

Now, I agree with you on that last bit, unf4me ;)


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