Thursday, 6 September 2007

Kwon Sang-woo's message to fans on 6 Sept

I am truly impressed by Korean celebrities. The more i read, the more i find that they are humble and very appreciative of their fans. They take the extra time to reach out and thank their supporters, and leave personal messages.

Although busy with his film 'A Destiny' and freshly after returning from his trip to Bali, Kwon Sang-woo left this message to his beloved fans.

Kwon Sang-woo's message to fans on 6 Sept. 2007, English translation.

Hello everyone. It has been awhile.
Thinking of completing the filming as soon as possible and chat with you all wholeheartedly but my schedule is too packed.

It has been wet days lately, bet you all must be feeling great.
I hope to be able to meet you with my new project soon.
Autumn is time flies.
Hope to see you all soon.

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Liz said...

True Orchid, Korean celebs do make the extra effort to reach out to their fans. :-) Very nice.


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