Saturday, 1 September 2007

Lee Hyo-lee in her Vidal Sassoon CF

Look what i found, hot Korean babe Lee Hyo-ri a.k.a. Lee Hyo-lee in her Vidal Sassoon CF (commercial).

View the videos on YouTube:

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rooster said...

What on earth is the ad selling?

Looks like yet another commercial with concept-itis.

Suria said...

Who the heck cares what the ad is selling when Lee Hyori is getting wet in it? I'm sold!

Orchid said...

I take it she is advertising for hair shampoo? Vidal Sassoon? Hair products right?

Maybe Vidal Sassoon works as a car shampoo too? * shrug * i dunno. But she looks nice and "fresh" in those pics. Not overly tanned or like an ostrich or anything like that. :-P


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