Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Naver is South Korea's Google

Naver is South Korea's most popular search engine.

currently has a 77 percent share of all searches from within South Korea. Daum.net follows with 10.8 percent, Yahoo! with just 4.4 percent and Google with a tiny 1.7 percent of Korean Web searches.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie.
Chart showing the popularity of web searches in Korea.

Why isn't Google popular in South Korea? According to an analyst, "No matter how powerful Google's search engine may be, it doesn't have enough Korean-language data to trawl to satisfy South Korean customers." Well, when you want to search the web using Hanguel characters, use
www.naver.com okay?

Google and Yahoo! are making efforts to catch up with Naver. For example, Google tried to jazz up its minimalist homepage. Google's New 'Animated' Home Page in Korea is designed to cater for South Korean users. Google's classic home page was intended to load quickly. But South Korean's like a lot of animation on their page. Why? They have a very fast connection and a near universal presence of broadband in the country.

Google departs from its minimalist homepage
to cater to South Korean users

Naver, The Google Of South Korea
Google's New 'Animated' Home Page In Korea

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Joe said...

I'm sorry but NAVER sucks.. it's too slow. Koreans love this just because it's in Korean and they always like wesites with a lot of animation. They will never like Google.

Orchid said...

But you are a Korean Joe! And you are pro-Google ;-) How come?

Joe said...

You'll know it when your pc is dang slow like mine! Hahahaha


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