Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The New A-List: Asia (2007)

What’s popping:

Loads, as the one-hour entertainment documentary brings you the hottest Asian A-listers of today.

Lee Jun-ki

From Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai to the talented Zhang Ziyi and heartthrobs like Takeshi Kaneshiro and Chang Chen, the program is a showcase of notable Asian talents.

Jun Ji-hyun

Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete (or mentioned in this blog) without our favourite Hallyu stars! And three of them are given the nod here – Rain, Lee Jun-ki and Jun Ji-hyun!

The Energizer Bunny

And who are the Top 3 Asian stars blazing their way to A-list-dom? They are none other than the Energizer Bunny a.k.a. Rain of Korea (whoo hoo!), Edison Chen of Hong Kong (he's actually Canadian) and Oscar-nominated actress Rinko Kikuchi of Japan.

The plot:

Entertainment documentary about the A-list Asian stars of today. Comments and opinions are from TV personalities and filmmakers. Among them are Korean-American talk show host May Lee and Hong Kong’s David Wu.

Watch it:

  • Astro E! (Channel 76)
  • English with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • Sorry, the time slots are not listed in the TV guide. You’ve gotta look out for it.

My finger took on a life of its own during the Rain segment,
thus the many TV stills ;-P


Orchid said...

Asia's new A-list and Bi's right there in the Top 3 Asian stars?

Woo hoo! Boing ! Boing !

* Orchid jumps up and down on her imaginary trampoline *

Boing ! Boing !

Bi...hwaiting! =)

Liz said...

Yeah, Energizer Bunny, rock on!!!

rainbowlove88 said...

Ahhhhhhhh, my oppa is on TV!!!! I must watch it!!!

Oppa, saranghaeyo! Kiss kiss KISS


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