Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Petition to postpone TVXQ's Malaysia concert

Calling all Hallyu advocates out there. Here's your chance to make your voice heard for a good cause.

On this Mid-Autumn morning, K-popped opened our mailbox to a passionate plea from a TVXQ fan. A campaign to get the organisers to change the Nov 24 date of the Korean act’s Malaysia concert is currently underway.

We don't want the boys to come again without the passionate
welcome of their fans now, do we?

It is exam season in Malaysia during that time and many of the quintet's fans will not be able to attend the concert.

The exams aren’t your usual end-of-the-year tests where you can just skip it (of course, K-popped is not suggesting that anyone should skip any exams whatsoever) but the SPM and STPM are government exams local students need to take in order to obtain entry into university or college.

The petition requests that the organisers push the date back a week or two and 3,000 signatures are needed in order to persuade the organisers. And this is where YOU come in.

Get your friends, families, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, the tauke kopitiam across the street and your pet hamster to sign the petition and watch the power of the people in action.

Make a difference at: Postpone DBSK's concert in Malaysia. Last count is at 526, another 2,474 to go.

Friends from the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Korea, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, do extend a vote in our direction.

Two-thirds of K-popped have already joined the campaign (the other would too, if she were online ;-)) so you should too. ;-)

여러분 화이팅!!!

Update @ 5.18pm: Yup Rooster, we see you've joined the campaign as well ;-). Egg-cellent! Keep it coming, friends!

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rooster said...

I've signed! I've signed! :D

Orchid said...

My heart goes out to TVXQ fans who are sitting for the SPM or STPM exams. I hope this petition succeeds and the organisers will look into changing the concert date.

Imagine how nice it would be, to be able to attend a TVXQ concert after studying for months for the exam.

Fans...don't give up hope. Hwaiting! :-)

rooster said...

I'm sorry, this is totally out of context but the first name on the second list image is a rather... interesting one...

Anonymous said...

erm its not easy to change to just postponed. i mean, tvxq is like so busy all the time and even to get them to come on nov 24th is such a nightmare for the organiser (or so i heard)..so we the date is changed, they might not event come till next year!

Liz said...

Heya anonymous,

I understand your concern, but at least we are trying to make the situation better for the fans and artist themselves.

What good will a concert be without the fans' support?

Liz said...

hee hee, yeah Rooster the name is umm...interesting. Ha ha ha...

dj said...

i believe DBSK only available during that time,,,,,,,if the event being postponed then,,,,until when we'll wait? THE Stadium are not waiting only for DBSK Concert ONLY. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

woah..i know i'm pretty late on this entry..but woah! a petition??! cool!

i'm one of them who's having SPM..if i knew about this petition thingie..i'll signed without second thoughts! at least i can say i tried...LOL! hehe memory comes back..on the day i was like..DBSK! why,,,,you come in the wrong time?! LOL thank God it was Saturday, kalau tidak sya gila time exam tu! LOL

DanielQ said...

It seems tat there was concert in stadium Merdeka,KL 2007 n i miss it.. ARRRGGGhhh...

Rumours has it tat there will appear this year or maybe next year again n do a concert..

Can sum1 plz bookmark me n inform me when is d day when they will reappear in Malaysia for a concert.. Dying here; noewing tat i n my darling miss d 2007 Concert.. It'll be so great if sum1 wer to keep updating me on current issues on TVXQ/TBSK. I'll be more then happy noewing tat sum1 is kind enuf to do so.. PLEASE N THANK YOU..^^

Please forgive me from spamming for i m a new fan of DBSK/TVXQ... N i m pretty trilled to c them live...^^ Sorry...

my email:


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