Monday, 24 September 2007

Han Ji-hye talks about her relationship

These are recent pictures of Lee Dong-gun's girlfriend, Han Ji-hye in Korea's Ceci and InStyle magazines (October issue).

Han Ji-hye and Lee Dong-gun have been going out for 4-years now. They met on a set of a TV show (18 and In Love). When they first started dating, they kept it to themselves. According to Han, Lee always wanted to tell people, but she was hesitant about this. They decided to do it "naturally" by announcing it on their websites. Now, she regrets not spilling the beans on her relationship with Lee earlier.

Han likes to cook and clean. She thinks she will make a very good mother to her children.

What is your best feature?

Han Ji-hye :
I have a great body. * Laughs*

Lee Dong-gun: She is always cheerful and positive. She can make you laugh. She's got that power over me.

Han Ji-hye is working on a new drama. Keep a watch out for her soon!

Source: Entertainment Relay, KBS Global

Korea's cutest couple
Bonjour Han Ji-hye

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Gail T. said...

"she has the power over me"


rajoo said...

This girl is so perahsan. but she looks too skinny for my taste. Her man might like it, but I like more meat on my ladies...

ana said...

they're so cute together. esp in sweet 18 and my boyfriend is type B. but so sad they had break off...

Anonymous said...

Lol, so just a year later or so they break up...


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