Saturday, 15 September 2007

Rain's new CLEAR shampoo commercial

Woo hoo! Rain speaks English in this brand new commercial. Ha ha ha. But don't get too excited yet. All he says is "My name is Rain." ;-) The rest of the narration is done by someone else.

Bi, we look forward to the day when you can narrate the entire commercial in English with your own voice.

Take a look at Rain's CLEAR shampoo CF. He likes black, he sweats, he has no dandruff. :-P

I breathe, I move, I sweat
With the world watching
My hair, my clothes...
I like black
Black is confident
Black looks good
Looking good means no dandruff
Confidence means no dandruff
CLEAR means no dandruff
I trust CLEAR
Dandruff never comes back

My name is Rain.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I want to download this advertisement of BI.
Because I have a presentation about Clear man.Would you please show me how to download it to my computer.


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