Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Son Dam-bi (손담비)

This entry is dedicated to One Big Hallyu Fan - you know who you are. How’s the weather like in Singapore? ;-)

A K-popped! friend mentioned Son Dam-bi so I just had to check her out...and I’m glad I did!

Finally, a Korean beauty who doesn't rely on her sex appeal to gain attention but one who is a bona fide dancer!

Dam-bi, who has been dubbed the female version of Rain (they even share the name 비), doesn't need to push her tush out, put on a dominatrix costume or squeeze into ultra-tight, teeny weeny tops (or shorts) to get our attention. No siree, not when the 24-year-old dances like a dream!

Dam-bi, who used to appear in other stars' music videos made heads turn when she busted a move opposite Poppin' Hyun-joon in an MP3 player commercial.

The hype that was generated from the commercial even lead to a pre-debut documentary for MSN Japan. The documentary chronicles the singer/dancer’s journey leading up to her debut in June 2007.

It is reported that Dam-bi trained with a well-known American choreographer (it didn't say who) to prepare for her debut. Her first single is a hip hop dance number entitled Cry Eye. It’s pretty good, hit the link to watch it.

Name: Son Dam-bi
Date of birth: Sept 25, 1983
Height: 169cm
Weight: 48kg
Official site: http://www.sondambi.com/


  • Cry Eye - Dambi 1st single album (2007)
Source: Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Thanks, that was fast ; )

Anonymous said...

oops, clicked 'submit' too fast. isnt dam-bi great? love how she doesnt feel the need to conform and do sexy/sultry sexbomb type of dance moves or squeeze into tiny outfits.. this gal has STYLE ! Her physique is great & she looks sexy in sporty garb. read somewhere she learnt krumping from the instructors who trained ciara.

Orchid said...

What's "krumping"?

I didn't know she only debuted in June 2007. That's pretty recent!

Liz said...


Check out krumping here:


Liz said...

Serene, you're most welcome :-) I enjoyed reading up on Dam-bi.

Orchid said...

Hey! If you say Son Dam-bi's name without the surname, it sounds as if you are scolding Bi! ;-) hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

"dam bi" - tt's a good one = )

neurotic kiddo said...

don't u think
son dam-bi's -crazy
is a bit sexy??
i mean it's opposite of what u just wrote


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