Saturday, 15 September 2007

Song Hye-kyo learns English

So what is the beautiful Song Hye-kyo up to these days? The buzz is that the Full House actress has been in New York for three months to learn English.

After filming wrapped for Hwangjiny, Hye-kyo jetted off to New York for a break and apparently, an intensive course on the English language.

Sources say that the actress considered staying in Los Angeles at first, but she then decided on the Big Apple instead. She stayed at a boutique hotel.

It is reported that Hye-kyo is equipping herself with English just in case Hollywood comes knocking at her door. Yeah, you go girl.

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Orchid said...

Yeah, it's good to equip oneself with English. Rain should join Hye-kyo and go for an intensive English course.

I am sure Bi-Kyo fans will love to see them studying English together-gether!

Anonymous said...

Are they really dating in real life? :( Because if they are. . I am going to be really sad! :'( :'(

Orchid said...

hi anonymous, don't be sad, there are no reports that Rain and Song Hye-kyo are dating.

Anonymous said...

thats good for her,english is beyond hollywood


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