Saturday, 28 July 2007

Full House (2004)

Korean title: 풀하우스

Directed by:
Pyo Min-soo (표민수)

Han Eun-jung (한은정)

What’s popping:

When you hear Full House, what comes to mind? Do you think of the Hollywood hit ABC television sitcom Full House which starred Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen twins? Well, we are not talking about that show here, so get that out of your mind.

We are talking about the Korean KBS hit mini-series Full House which brought Hallyu stars and into the Asian spotlight. The popular Korean drama is based on a comic book series which was first published in 1993. The comic series was also a hit!

The plot:

This is the story about the messy and carefree Han Ji-eun (Song) – an Internet novelist who owns a beautiful house in Incheon, by the sea. Her parents passed away in a tragic car crash and left her alone. The house was designed and built by her late father, and every part of it holds a special place in Han’s heart.

Han crosses paths with the short tempered and stubborn movie star Lee Young-jae (Rain) when she goes on a trip. Their paths intertwine when Han’s so-called friends dupe her by selling off her house and stealing all her money behind her back. By a stroke of fate, Lee is now the new owner of “Full House”.

Full House: The house where Han & Lee's relationship
blossomed, was built specially for the mini-series and
cost a whopping USD1 million!

There is certainly chemistry between the two leads. It is fun to watch them arguing and getting each other irritated. They develop a love-hate relationship. Han gradually falls for the foul tempered Lee, but Lee is haunted by his long-time school sweet heart and still pines for her. He often stares blankly into space and goes like “Hae-yon-na….Hae-yon-na” most of the time. Ha ha ha ha. Liz and I get very irritated when this happens…enough already we say!

Then in comes rich and handsome Yoo Min-yuk who becomes very smitten with Han’s innocent and carefree ways. It’s a love rombus between Han, Lee, Yoo and Gang Hae-yon I tell ya!

There's definitely on-screen chemistry between the two leads.
So much so that they won the
2004 KBS Drama Award for Best Couple.
But i think there's more chemistry when they are fighting than happy together.

Watch it:

It might still be showing on television in the Philippines or China, but if you don’t want to go all the way there to watch it…get the DVD.

Full House (Malaysia Version)
Full House Rain Key Necklace (Silver)

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Ana daud said...

Oooh, I suka sangat this show you know!! I bought the box set 2 keep watching again & again.

Best betul. SHK so pretty and Rain so handsome.

Azura said...

I love it too!!! When it was shown on TV, i wasn't too interested. Just finished watching the DVD; pinjam from my colleague :D Its really funny la esp SHK...really like her character; had a good laugh :D and love all the songs....

Kim Seung Soo looks really good in this drama..soo handsome!!! *drooling* hehehe

mom_miho said...

I really Love it!!! I stop working just to watch that korean TV novel,,,It was a year ago and I was still single that time and living in my country Phil. Hehehe...NOw, Im here in Land of the Rising sun Having wonderful baby and Husband...Just reminiscing! I love Rain he is a handsome model.Ofcourse the song its really good...

Orchid899 said...

My first and favorite k-drama. I loved it! It's very sweet, innocent and funny. Not like American t.v. at all, which can be refreshing to break away from once in a while.

wawa said...

KBSWorld rerun the drama starting last Saturday replacing one of the most all time favorite Kdrama, Winter Sonata...

watched it @ KBSWorld (astro-ch303), every saturday from 10am to 2.50pm... 4 episodes in one day!

Anonymous said...

oh i`m not tired of watching this drama for so many times, in fact i`m watching now...still marathoning... hahaha,
i really love the couple, the settings, the story, and of course BIKYO

irain said...

yes, i love them more when they're fighting. the last episode is like anti-climax for me, too lovey dovey, that's not Young Jae and Ji Eun, that's Rain and SHK! hehe

sigh, it's been 4 years, i'm still watching it, Rain's smile is addictive.#$%#%# you Rain! ^^

Anonymous said...

hehe...just finished watching Full House last week and i got to say that i think this is the most adorable drama i've watched. Rain and SHK and the other actors were could practically feel the chemistry and the tension and all the emotions they felt. And the plot was so different and sweet. And gosh, Rain, the next time you come to the US, give me a call. haha
can't wait for Full House 2...i hope it is as great as the first one.


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