Sunday, 30 September 2007

Three's company

Did you notice anything different about K-popped! today? Our two-column blog currently has three columns! This, our dear readers, is to make navigation around the site easier for you.

Sept 30, 2007: K-popped! Version 3.0

Our ever-growing list of Celeb Profiles is on your left (it will continue to expand as the K-popped! Trio gets more acquainted with the Hallyu stars), along with our Poppin' Blogroll and site search function!

Meanwhile, K-popped! Highlights, Recent Comments and other various interesting highlights will be on your right.

What do you think, friends? Do you like the tweak we made to the site?

Thanks to the encouragement and response from all of you, we have been making changes to K-popped! since we started mid-June 2007. Here's a quick look at how we evolved throughout the past three-and-a-half months. Yeah, we’ve been (badly) K-popped!, what about you?

June 13, 2007: K-popped! Version 1.0

Aug 14, 2007: K-popped! Version 2.0

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IN`vincible said...

yeah i think this is better!!!

btw, you guys might be interested: your blog is one of the most visited blog according to blog juice -

err.. congrats! ^^

Liz said...

Hello there in`vincible :-). Thanks for info ;-). Yup, we do visit The Daily Kimchi as well...Gdog's a nice person :-)

Liz said...

Ahhh, I forgot to say, The Daily Kimchi is in our Poppin' Blogroll. :)

Orchid said...

Just want to shout out to Gdog (The Daily Kimchi) & sasjo for pointing us in the right direction - with regards to the new three column look. Thanks for the pointers guys!

sasjo said...

Love the new look. Very the spacious. :)

Liz said...

Thanks I've told Orchid, you're our go-to man for all things tech. :-P


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