Monday, 1 October 2007

Kim Hee-sun's secret engagement ceremony

October bride, Kim Hee-sun was spotted coming out of her home on a rainy Sunday morning (30 Sept), and escorted by bodyguards to her engagement ceremony at Seoul Sheraton Walker Hill hotel.

Dressed in a simple white sheath dress and sunglasses, (even on a rainy day? Boy she sure wanted not be recognized) Kim was seen going into a black Chevrolet SUV. She heads to her secret engagement ceremony which is said to be only attended by family, relatives and close friends.

The engagement was said to be at 6pm and security at the hotel was very tight. Kim Hee-sun (30) will be marrying businessman Park Ju-yeong (33) on the 19th October at the same hotel.

Kim Hee-sun was in the drama Smile Again with Lee Dong-gun.

Kim Hee-sun's wedding dress
Wedding of the year?

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

How come Heesun's hair is not made up? There must be a hair dresser and make-up artist waiting for her at the hotel. No pics of her beau?


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