Thursday, 27 September 2007

TVXQ petition closed, date stays

Popular Korean quintet TVXQ will carry on with their Nov 24 concert in Malaysia despite their fans' protest. That's because the deal's been inked, the venue booked and the boys' extremely tight schedule confirmed.

For those not in the know, many of the boyband's fans are unable to attend the concert because it clashes with the SPM and STPM examinations, both very important and compulsory exams for local students.

TVXQ encouraging their fans sitting for the SPM or STPM
to keep on 화이팅?!

SM Entertainment and local organiser CMG Absolute Entertainment are aware of the local fans' plight but are not budging from their decision. However, rumour has it that there might be another TVXQ concert next year. Nothing is confirmed yet though, so don't shoot the messenger if it doesn't turn out to be true ;-P.

Voila90, the ardent TVXQ fan who started the petition to postpone the concert said in an e-mail to K-popped! yesterday (Sept 26): "I'm being told that the chances of changing anything is very slim, but I'm not giving up yet as I want to help all the TVXQ fans that wish for a postpone to fight for a fairer date so that more could attend the concert."

However, the final verdict came in this afternoon (Sept 27). The date will not be changed and the reasons are as mentioned above. If you want anymore details on the upcoming concert, go to the TVXQ Malaysian FC freeboard.

In another e-mail to K-popped! this afternoon, Voila90 said: "I'm being told that the decision is final. So I'm closing down the petition very soon."

A big and warm "Thank you" to all who have supported the campaign. Hey, we tried ;-). You guys rock!

TVXQ in Malaysia on Nov 24
TVXQ profile

TVXQ tops Japanese music chart

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