Sunday, 23 September 2007

Updates on Se7en in America

Since i am hearing Se7en's 24/SE7EN album literally twenty-four-seven (Liz plays his album a lot at home), i will do an entry on him.

I think everyone knows that YG Entertainment's Se7en (23) is currently in New York, working with Mark Shimmel and his team. Se7en is recording his much anticipated English album.

Mark Shimmel has more than 20 years of experience in the music industry. Former COO of LaFace Records, as well as former SVP of marketing at Arista records, Mark has been involved in the careers of major recording artists including Avril Lavigne, Outkast, Usher, Santana, and many more.
Rich Harrison and Noise Trip will be working closely with Se7en this time.

K-pop singer Se7en is currently working with
Mark Shimmel (pictured left) in New York

Reports on Se7en's fan forum have it that recording of the US debut album is 70% completed. Se7en has already finished recording 8 songs and the reactions of those who have heard the songs are very positive. Mark Shimmel even commented that it was beyond what he expected.

Se7en's Korean producer YG says that the artist has an uncanny ability to learn languages. He has mastered Japanese, and seems to be having no problems with his English pronunciation in his songs. Yes we agree with YG here. Se7en's pronunciation while singing in English is one of the best we've heard. No thick Korean accent here!

During his spare time in the States, Se7en attends parties and mingles with people from the broadcasting and music companies (Do you think he's bumped into JYP over there yet?). Also, women in the States are very taken in by Se7en's Asian good looks and tall lean body.

Se7en, we hope you are getting enough rest and not working
too hard in the States. Please release some photos of you there
once in awhile as your Asian fans miss you very much.

I guess Se7en fans in South Korea and Japan must be missing him due to his long absence. Furthermore, Se7en's Korean management company (YG) has told him not to think about domestic (Korea) and Japan activities and fully concentrate on his United States debut. In view of this, Se7enth Heaven, and has organized a "Love Notes" (for Se7en) project. You can send encouraging notes for Se7en's US debut.

Just follow these guidelines and mail your document to:

Message Guidelines
  1. Encouragement Note/Letter in ENGLISH. (will be edited for spelling/grammar)
  2. Less than 100 words.
  3. No pictures, no declaring your love for him, no emails or phone numbers.
  4. First Name (Required) and Last Name (Optional), Age and Location (city, state, country).
DEADLINE for sending in your "Love Notes" is 30 September, 2007 (8:00PM Pacific Standard Time).

Significant dates:
  • Se7en's debut in Korea: 22 March, 2003
  • Se7en's debut in Japan: 23 February, 2005
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Liz said...

Hey Orchid. Great job, I enjoyed reading the piece.

Yeah, I'm hooked on Se7en these days, really dig his songs...You is everything I need and all.

All the best in your US debut Se7en, your English pronunciation is really good.

Can't wait for your latest album.

Anonymous said...

When did Se7enth Heaven become his official fanclub? This is the 1st time I have heard of it.

He has only 2 official fanclubs...Lucky Se7en Korea and Lucky Se7en Japan.

StarCrystal said...

Se7enth Heaven is not an official fanclub. ^^; It's just a fansite - an international forum.

StarCrystal said...

The link if anyone is interested:

Orchid said...

Phew, thank God there are people reading this blog who can correct me. Thanks anonymous & starcrystal. The error in the entry has been corrected. :-)

Got it!

Se7en's Official Fan Clubs are:

* Lucky Se7en Korea
* Lucky Se7en Japan

(I read that the number "7" is considered a "lucky" number in Korea. Hence it is apt for the Official Fan Clubs to be called "Lucky Se7en". And how did Choi Dong Wook (Se7en) get is stage name? When trying to select a suitable name for the budding star, he happened to have 7 pieces of radish kimchi on his plate!)

Anonymous said...

Orchid, you got the se7en kimchi story right ^^ it was YG and the gang trying to figure out a stage name for the guy while eating out and he happened to have 7 kimchi in his plate, hence the name~!

I know, I know! .. oh i started to read ur blog too .. the only thing i want to ask is to credit news and pictures u take .. it will save you one day BIG TIME!

Anonymous said...

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get them while there cheap


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